Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are an investment - and with the right care, they’re one you can count on to pay off. Talbot Pro-Wash delivers a professional solar panel cleaning solution that helps you tap into the full potential of your energy source!

Maximize the Power of Your Solar Panels

Solar panels need routine cleaning to maximize their potential. And with perpetual exposure to the elements, it’s critical that panels get a cleaning solution that will protect their longevity and functionality.

That’s where Talbot Pro-Wash can help. Our professional solar cleaning solution is safe, effective, and within full compliance of manufacturer recommendations. We:

  • Remove debris

    including dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and other buildup

  • Kill bacteria and spore growth

    including mold, mildew, and algae

With routine professional cleaning, you can expect your solar panels to operate up to 25% more efficiently. An added bonus: your curb appeal will benefit, too!

Efficiency & Curb Appeal to Match

Your solar panels are a functional asset. But they can also benefit your property’s curb appeal. Our professional solution balances the best of both needs. We deliver with a service that is:

  • Safe

    Every member of our team participates in rigorous safety training to ensure that your service is a seamless success.

  • Comprehensive

    We wash every solar panel to deliver an across-the-board clean to your property.

  • Effective

    With our professional solar panel cleaning, you get better energy efficiency and a lift in your property’s aesthetic.

With routine solar panel cleaning from Talbot Pro-Wash, your budget is happier, your curb appeal is brighter, and your investment is ready to last!