House Washing

Your home is quite possibly your largest investment. Whether it’s a vacation home in Oxford or St. Michaels, a historic home in Easton, or anything in between…We have the experience and training to safely and professionally clean your home. Try us out and see what the difference is…your home will thank you!


  • Punctual, courteous service
  • A professionally cleaned exterior
  • Removal of dirt, algae & mildew


  • Precautions for your sensitive landscaping
  • Care exercised around exterior electronics

Cleaning Technique

We always utilize the lowest possible pressure to clean and sanitize your home. By combining our “Softwash” technique with the highest quality detergents on the market, we can offer a truly unbeatable cleaning experience that is extremely safe for all of your exterior surfaces leaving your home sparkling clean!

Rest assured when you call us, you’re getting more than just the dish soap and water treatment offered by others.

Benefits of House Washing

  • Instant curb appeal

    Treat your home to a fresh face!

  • Increased value of home

    A clean home will always hold it's value.

  • Protects

    Protects and prolongs the life of exterior paint

  • No Hassle

    Allowing us to handle the cleaning frees up your time while also eliminating the hassle of maintaining and storing equipment.

  • Lowers Health Risks

    Lowers health risks from exposure to harmful mildew and mold growing on your home

  • 100% money back guarantee

    If you’re not satisfied, and we can't make it right you owe us nothing.