Deck & Dock Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like the Eastern Shore. We live on a special part of the Chesapeake Bay, and Talbot Pro-Wash is proud to help our clients enjoy their waterfront access at its best.

Make Your Deck or Dock a Destination

Your deck & dock should be safe. It should look beautiful. And it should elevate your property, not bring it down.

But your decking and dock are exposed to the elements 24/7 - and this compromises its quality and soundness. Our team reverses the damage of mother nature to make your favorite outdoor destination a highlight! We use pressure washing to:

  • Remove debris

    When it comes to buildup and eyesores, we’ve seen everything - and we’ve removed it, too!

  • Remove mold and mildew

    We use a special cleaning solution that doesn’t just remove spore growth; it kills the buildup to prevent recurring problems.

  • Prevent rot and decay

    With a routine dock cleaning service, you can count on the surface to maintain its quality for longer.

  • Ensure safety

    Thousands of slip-and-fall accidents occur on poorly maintained docks each year. Our service helps to keep you out of that statistic.

  • Guarantee environmental compliance

    Our cleaning products are completely chemical-free. This ensures that the Bay is contaminant-free during our cleaning process… and that you get a safe and beautiful dock.

Dock Cleaning Easton MD

Our team will help you build out a deck &  dock cleaning schedule that keeps your surface safe and beautiful all year long. It’s an investment for today and for countless tomorrows.

Complete Deck & Dock Cleaning

Your dock should be a highlight of your property. With our professional solution, you can count on a space that is clean, inviting, and safe. We deliver deck & dock cleaning service to:

  • Residential decks & docks
  • Marinas
  • Waterfront restaurants

Whether you’re about to head out in a kayak, fire up the power boat, or simply enjoy an Eastern Shore sunset, our team ensures that your dock makes for the perfect setting.