Roof Cleaning

The dark staining on your roof is actually an algae that is eating away at the first line of defense protecting the contents of your home. Additionally, moss and lichen may also be feeding on the North facing slopes of your roof causing additional damage.

A No-Pressure roof cleaning by our trained staff is a sure way to add many benefits other than just adding instant curb appeal. We have the experience and training to safely remove and restore your roof using industry leading cleaners and techniques used by many other leading companies around the nation.

Why waste your time and money on other franchise companies that have you waiting around for results, or even the need for re-applications to gain marginal results that don’t last? We offer same day results and a 5 year warranty!


  • On time service
  • A roof that is restored to its pre-algae stained state.
  • Instant curb appeal
  • Jealous neighbors


  • All landscaping is protected where needed.
  • Downspouts are bagged to collect runoff where needed
  • Phosphate free cleaners are always used
  • A follow up visit to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Demos available upon request

Cleaning Technique

We use a “No Pressure” cleaning technique. We rely on our industry-leading cleaners to do the hard work…never ever using high pressure, or ANY pressure or rinsing to do the cleaning. It is strictly a gentle chemical cleaning. Additionally, we can treat most roofs without ever stepping foot on the roof surface itself. Not only does that protect the integrity of the roof surface even further, it reduces the risk of slips/falls and protects both parties involved. We have a perfect safety rating, but should the unlikely happen, we are fully insured.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

  • Curb Appeal

    Instant curb appeal

  • Warranty

    5 Year Warranty!

  • Save Money

    Reports suggest reduced cooling bills in summer

  • Save Your Health

    Lowers health risk from exposure to harmful mold, mildew and algae

  • Make Your HOA Happy

    No HOA penalties or fines for having a dirty roof.

Many insurance agencies will cancel policies if algae is not treated/removed
Many roofs are prematurely replaced due to staining alone, and roofing contractors that only have total replacement as a solution. We can restore it for a FRACTION of the cost of total replacement.