Rust Stain Removal Service

Rust stains, battery acid, and fertilizer stains are far too common in our area. Golf course community’s in Easton, Grasonville, Kent Island, Cambridge, St. Michaels and Queenstown are constantly faced with these challenges. Fortunately, we have the solution.As an authorized applicator for F9 (Front Nine Restoration) we have the resources and knowledge to solve all of your problems.

F9 Applicator Rust Removall


  • Removal of rust & fertilizer stains
  • Brighter/whiter concrete


  • Customer consultation to set realistic expectations and recommendations to ensure a long lasting, stain-free surface.

Cleaning Technique

The first step is evaluating the surfaces to be cleaned, and the origin, or source of the staining. Once the source is identified, we will try to find a solution to eliminating the source of staining. Whether it’s adjusting irrigation heads, moving hvac drain lines, or eliminating failing batteries, most times a solution can be found, and we will only need to perform a one time cleaning.

For other situations such as high traffic cart areas, or high iron content in water etc, where the source cannot be controlled, an ongoing maintenance schedule can be established to keep staining to a minimum.

Benefits Of Rust Stain Removal

  • Instant Curb appeal
  • No HOA penalties/fees
  • Businesses will benefit from a facility that looks maintained